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Quality Quality is a statement on its own and distinguishes you from the ordinary. This is a process which begins from concept and is delivered throughout the product lifecycle until the end user is overly satisfied with the result - Akorn Foodstuff.
Our technical team closely monitors products as they are being harvested and manufactured. This entails regular visits to farms and factories to ensure all  animals are reared under hygienic conditions and veterinary care, their dietary requirements are being fulfilled and they meet our health check standards away from any illness or disease.

We adhere to strict regulations by Islamic Centers to ensure slaughtering of animals is conducted under Islamic laws and all our meat products can be safely classified as ‘Halal’.  

Besides overlooking the selection of suitable animals, our quality team also ensures the slaughter house is hygienically cleaned and maintained in accordance with the Dept of Health Laws.  Visitors are not allowed to visit farms due to prevention of any unknown disease and our farm staff maintains preventative attire for precautionary measures.

Our production area also follows the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) rules are followed. All our meats are guaranteed free from diseases, such as BSE, Foot and Mouth disease, etc.

We ensure the same guidelines are maintained at the fish harbors. Our skilled are present when fishing vessels and boats return to dock before sun rise.  A careful inspection and purchase is made for the right quality of seafood. Only fresh and  un-damaged items are chosen. Seafood is then transported in temperature controlled vehicles to the factory cleaning and freezing.

We at Akorn Foodstuff pride ourselves on the quality of food products we choose and deliver, with great care to our valued customers.  We look forward to your satisfaction with the Akorn Foodstuff experience.

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