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About Us

We are producers of the Finest Quality Red Meat in shape of Carcass or Boneless drawn from Goat, Lamb, Cow/ Bull and Buffalo to our customers all over the world. We are based in Karachi, Pakistan.


We Provide “Complete Customer Satisfaction”


Our business philosophy and vision revolves around two simple words “Customer Satisfaction”. And this is achieved by following strict hygiene policy, Halal Standards, Ideal Deboning and Packing facilities. Our Carcasses are washed with pure water supplied through our State of the Art Reverse Osmosis Plant.


We Select The Best and Sell The Best


High quality, grass fed, animals are purchased from various places all over the country and brought to our slaughter house for slaughtering, cutting, de-boning and then transferred to chilling or freezing. Each animal is inspected by qualified Veterinarian doctor for any disease.  Our designated slaughter houses are also approved by many countries Health & Vet departments for cleanliness, hygiene and strictly following Halal Procedures. Our slaughter house is ISO 22000 Certified which covers HACCP as well. We follow Islamic Principles for slaughtering of animals the Halal Way only.


We offer the following:


1.   Halal Goat Carcass

2.   Halal Lamb/ Sheep/ Mutton Carcass

3.   Halal Beef Carcass

4.   Halal Boneless Beef

5.   Halal Buffalo Carcass

6.   Halal Boneless Buffalo

7.   Halal Veal Carcass

8.   Halal Veal Boneless

9.   Halal Whole Frozen Chicken and its Parts


All above are available in Chilled or Frozen Forms and in any weights and sizes in both Male and Female animals.  Beef & Buffalo Carcasses are supplied in, Full, Halves or Four Quarters with bone in.


Carcasses are all weighed after processing and wrapped in Cotton Jersey with Labels showing Brand Name, Manufacturer Name & Address, Weight, Halal Logo, Date of Manufacture, Date of expiry, etc.


All Boneless pieces are weighed individually and Vacuum wrapped in clear food grade plastic sheets with Label showing Brand Name, Weight, Halal Logo, Date of Manufacture, Date of Expiry, etc. and put in cartons. Each Carton Weight is 15 to 20 kgs.


Maintaining High Standards of Production


-          Regular Training for Butchers, Meat Handlers and Quality Inspectors by Qualified Trainers.

-          Water padded Ventilation and Exhaust System for Bacteria Free Environment inside the Abattoir

-          Sanitation Procedures are based on International Standards. Knives and tools on the Slaughtering Line are regularly washed

-          All Regulations by various International Food Safety Certificates are ensured including Burial Facility for Contaminated Meat.

-          24 Hour Veterinary Services to check for any animal disease.

-          In House Laboratory/Ante/Post Mortem Facilities with Cold Storage Veterinary Checks   


Poultry and By-Products


We also trade in Poultry which includes Whole Frozen Chicken and its Parts, Whole Frozen Turkey and its Parts and other birds.


We also represent manufacturers/ producers of Whole Frozen Chicken and its Parts and other birds which are seasonally available. These manufacturers/ producers are based in Turkey and EU.


Our business is a ONE STOP SHOP for all meat and poultry requirements at a reasonable and acceptable price, while at the same time keeping with the high international standards of quality and taste.







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